November 4th MN IAFN Education Event

November 4, 2019 6-8 pm MN IAFN Education Event
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"Power, Privilege, and Oppression" Presented by Kathryn Luk – an educator at Cornerstone

As we interact with a wide range of people coming from a variety of backgrounds, it is our responsibility as service providers and compassionate human beings to be mindful of how power, privilege, and oppression intersect with our work. We will examine systems of power, layers of privilege, and how the oppressive roots of both affect everyone.  We will also discuss how to intentionally strive for intersectionality, equity, and equality as we work together to make our communities safer.  In addition, we will learn how to foster our expanding self-awareness, our deeper understanding of how we all internalize and contribute to systemic harm, and our own continued education.

Regions Hospital  - 640 Jackson St, St Paul, MN 55101  Room C 2000  MAP
Snacks and parking vouchers will be available.

Forensic nurses, RNs and advocates are invited.