Restricted and Unrestricted SAK forms and information

  1. BCA Restricted Kit Storage Submission Form
  2. BCA Sexual Assault Evidence Testing and Storage Consent Form
  3. BCA Sexual Assault Examination Kit (Sak) Testing and Storage FAQ
  4. Reporting Decision Tree
  5. Restricted Sexual Assault Kit Patient Discharge Information 
  6. Restricted and Unrestricted Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Guide for Packaging and Submitting 

Exam Resources and Forms:

  1. Evidence Collection, Drying and Packaging Guide
  2. Body Diagrams Female Genital new
  3. Body diagrams front, back and side
  4. Body Diagrams Front, Back
  5. Body Diagrams head hands feet
  6. Body Diagrams Male Genital
  7. Body Diagrams side view
  8. Types of Wounds
  9. Documentation for Behavior and Demeanor
  10. Medical Forensic Exam chart 2021
  11. Photo ID card.2
  12. Step by Step Medical Forensic Exam June 2021
  13. Medical Forensic Specific Consent Form
  14. BCA Order form for SAKs and toxicology kits
  15. Discharge instructions
  16. Trauma-Informed Interview Questions
  17. Prophylaxis Following Sexual Assault


Patient Information

  1. Required Sexual Assault Victim – Hospital Notice – English
  2. For People Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted - Information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases


  1. 2021 DNA Collection Guidelines
  2. Quick Guide to Number of Swabs to Collect
  3. Algorithm for conducting a Sexual Assault exam 
  4. Resources for Minor Consent and Mandated Reporting :
    1.  Mandated Reporting of Sexual and Physical Abuse of Neglect of a Child
    2. Decision Tree for Mandated Reporting – Minors
    3. Minor Consent for Services
    4. Minors’ Consent for Health Care MN Statute
    5. Consent & Confidentiality Providing Medical and Mental Health Services to Minors in Minnesota Legal Guidelines for Professional
    6. Adolescent & Young Adult Health Care in Minnesota
  5. Mandated Reporting of Vulnerable Adults
  6. CDC 2021 Sexual Assault and Abuse and STIs – Adolescents and Adults Guidelines
  7. Required MDH Brochure For People Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted Information About Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  8. Guidelines for Releasing Patient Information to Law Enforcement