Forensic Conference

Conference is in Kansas City, MO
Sponsored by St Luke’s Health System
For more information, call Saint Luke’s Concierge at 816-932-5100

2015 Presentations Include:

2015 Advances in Touch DNA for Healthcare Providers,
Criminal Justice, and Advocates:  What YOU Need to Know
William Green, MD, FACEP

The Next Wave: Male Survivors of Sexual Violence
David Lisak, PhD, University of Boston

Alcohol – It’s Not Consent for Sex You Know!
Russell W. Strand, Chief Behavioral Sciences, Education
and Training Division, US Army Military Police School

Linking Forensic Evidence Through Social Media
Jeff Lanza,-Retired FBI Agent

Incorporating Joyce Adams into Your Clinical Forensic Practice
Emily Fitch Killough, MD, Jan Wiebe, RN, SANE-P

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Brain Function
Aaron White, PhD, National Institutes of Health

A Victim’s Voice: Inside the Business of Sex Trafficking
Detective Christi Bill, Phoenix Police Department

A Text-Messaging Program to Improve Medical
Follow Up for Patients Receiving Sexual Assault Exam
Nancy R. Downing, PhD, RN, SANE-A, Pamela Terrill, MS, ARNP, SANE-A,
and Richard Bogue, PhD, FACHE University of Iowa College of Nursing

Help! I Am Being Called as an Expert Witness
Dawn M. Parsons, Chief Trial Assistant, Jackson County Prosecutor

A SANE Prosecutor.  If I Knew Then What I Know Now!
Molly Bravo, JD, RN BSN, SANE-A

Transitioning Your Sexual Assault Program into a Clinical Forensic Program
Connie Brogan, RN, CEN, SANE-A, Anita Symonds BSRN, MS, SANE A/P,
Gordon Reed, MD, FACEP, and Michael L. Weaver, MD, FACEP

Injury vs. Disease Processes–What Is That in Children and Adults?
Terra Frazier, DO, FAAP and Jennifer Johnson, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC

CSI Photography: Don’t Just Take Pictures, Take the Pictures You Want to Take!
Ryan Rezzelle, MFS, CSCSA, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab