Need CEUs??

2012 IAFN Webinar Series

The IAFN is bringing more opportunities for continuing education by offering several webinars this year.  Each one of the sessions will offer one (1) nursing contact hour.  Here is a list of the webinars, click the title below for more information and registering for each webinar.
Each session will cost $15.00 IAFN Member and $30.00 Non-Member
June 20, 2012    The Use of Technology to Perpetrate Sexual and Domestic Violence
This session will review how offenders are misusing technology to stalk their victims, and how survivors can harness he power of technology to document this abuse.
July 1, 2012     Suicide Investigation:  Methods, Notes and More
This presentation will provide information regarding suicides which have been investigated by Forensic Nurse Death Investigators involving many methods, different types of notes left behind, staging behavior and a variety of motives.
July 25, 2012    Child Sexual Abuse Examinations:  Interpreting Acute and Chronic Physical Findings
This webinar will address typical and atypical findings in child sexual abuse evaluations.
August 9, 2012    Virginity:  Myths, Mystery, Madness 
This presentation is suited for anyone who has ever questioned the history of virginity, why we believe what we believe and how these “truths” ultimately shape the course of child sexual abuse investigations.
October 2, 2012     Ethical Communication — Making It Work
This webinar will provide an overview of ethical communication principles and how adherence to those principles can promote organizational health and a supportive working environment. Strategies for respectfully addressing conflict and holding others accountable for upholding ethical communication principles will be covered.