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Training on Suspect Exams 
Platform: Virtual
Cost: Free

Part I
Sexual Assault Suspect Forensic
Exams and How They Can Aid in
the Investigation and Prosecution of
Sexual Assault Cases
Date: June 23
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM CST
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Part II
Suspect Exams: The Nuts and
Bolts of Setting Up A Protocol
in Your Jurisdiction
Date: July 14
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM CST
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Training Summary
When evaluating potential sources of evidence, law enforcement
professionals often focus on material that might have transferred from the
suspect to the victim. However, evidence could just as likely be
transferred from the victim to the suspect, offering opportunities
to gather additional information and evidence.
Law enforcement, prosecutors, sexual assault nurse examiners, and health
care professionals to join us for a two part series that explores the investigative
procedures, forensic practices, and interagency collaboration necessary to
carry out a medical forensic exam.

In Part One, attendees will gain an overview of the suspect exam and learn:
the benefits of suspect exams in prosecution of sexual assault case(s),
the typical components of a suspect forensic exam, ways a suspect exam can
aid in the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases,
the information that can be gathered from a suspect exam and better
understand what occurred during an assault when a victim cannot recall
the event.

In Part two, attendees will learn practical
steps for establishing a suspect exam protocol and learn:
how protocol for suspect exams is developed collaboratively among
multiple agencies, the procedure for obtaining a warrant for a suspect exam,
how the treatment of a suspect can shape sample collection during the
forensic suspect examination, best practices for engaging the suspect
during the evidence collection

Ellen Johnson
Ellen Johnson has been a nurse for 47 years, specializing in Emergency
nursing. She has been a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner since 2002 and now
devotes all her time to that specialty. Ellen has supervised the SANE program
at Regions Hospital since 2005. Regions Hospital SANE Program currently
provides sexual assault exams at 5 hospitals in the East metro
area. Ellen enjoys collaborating with community partners and is a frequent
presenter locally and nationally on forensic nursing through the International
Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN), the Sexual Violence Justice Institute
(SVJI) and the Ramsey County Sexual Assault Protocol Team. She has been
an instructor for the 40-hour SANE didactic course since 2006 and has hosted
IAFN clinical skills labs at Regions Hospital since 2015. Ellen is a lifetime
member of both IAFN and ENA, and is active in both IAFN and the MN chapter
of IAFN.

Jessica Bastil
Sexual Violence Investigator, CIU - Ramsey County Sheriff's Office
Jessica Bastil is the Sexual Violence Investigator with the Ramsey County
Sheriff’s Office. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State
University. She has been in law enforcement for over 15 years with the last 8
years at the Sheriff’s Office. She worked as a patrol officer and held positions
of field training officer, reserve coordinator, POR compliance check officer,
CPR instructor, dive team member, general investigator and is currently
assigned to specifically work CSC cases under a grant partnership with the
Ramsey County Attorney’s Office. In 2017, Jessica received the Sheriff’s
Office Investigator of the year award. Jessica is involved with the Ramsey
County Sexual Protocol Team, East Metro Task Force, Minnesota Sex Crimes
Investigator’s Association, and the Implementation work group. Jessica has
had hundreds of hours of investigative training specializing in sexual assault,
trafficking, child abuse, domestic abuse, kidnappings, and homicides.