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Danielle spoke at the recent MNCASA SANE trainings and the MN IAFN October 2021 Education Event.
She shared her experience of the assault, the investigation, the SANE exam, and her journey to activism.

In her book “Four Pounds of Pressure: A Memoir of Rape, Survival, and Taking Back My Power” Danielle takes back
her power by releasing the weight of suppression about what it’s like to rebuild after a violation so severe.
But she is proof there is hope.
Through the ups-and-downs of her compelling story, Danielle is advocating for systematic change
and a world of compassion for survivors like her.
You can purchase her books here.

Danielle's new book, The First Sister is available for purchase here

Danielle, a Minnesota native,
is the author of Four Pounds of Pressure: A
Memoir of Rape, Survival, and Taking Back My
Power, and Fly Like a Girl: Adventures of Erin
and Brad. Despite her passion for writing since
early childhood, it wasn’t until Danielle survived
a heinous sexual assault attack in her home in
2018 that she finally pursued her dream of
becoming an author.
While pursuing her career as a full-time nurse,
and single mother, Danielle is also a writer and
blogger who advocates against sexual violence.
She serves on the Survivor Advisory Group to
the Governor of Minnesota.
Now, Danielle plans to continue writing, public
speaking, and advocating. Follow her journey
on danielleleukam.com to stay connected.