Podcast on Touch DNA





Forensic Technology Center of Excellence Podcast, Just Science interviewed Dr. Julie Valentine, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at Brigham Young University in the College of Nursing and certified sexual assault nurse forensic examiner, and Heather Mills, Forensic Scientist Manager at the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services, in the episode they discuss evidence collection in sexual assault groping cases. 

As touch DNA evidence collection continues to develop, sexual assault nurse examiners and forensic scientists are poised to improve the investigation of sexual assault groping cases.  In their recently published article Evidence Collection and Analysis for Touch DNA in Groping and Sexual Assault Cases, Dr. Julie Valentine and Heather Mills explore the application of touch DNA evidence collection to sexual assault investigation, specifically associated with a groping case. Listen along as they discuss their article, the advent of touch DNA technology, and the importance of interdepartmental cooperation in this episode of Just Science.