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OVC 2011 Trainings for Victim Service Providers

Serving LGBTQ Victims of Crime

When: October 18-19, 2011
Cost: $200.00
Where: Minneapolis, MN
The Millennium Hotel
1313 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Instructor: Chai Jindasurat

For more information:

This training will provide victim advocates and allied professionals with knowledge and skills needed to effectively support and work with LGBTQ-identified people, communities, and survivors, and translate the knowledge and skills into a defined action plan for themselves and their agencies. The training will help participants strengthen their knowledge of the obstacles LGBTQ people experience in seeking victim services and explore how best to overcome or alleviate these obstacles. At the conclusion of the training, it is expected that victim service providers and allied professionals will be better able to serve more effectively LGBTQ victims of crime.

  • Basic Knowledge About LBGTQ People and Communities
    Examine the historical and legal perspectives of LGBTQ rights and recognition.
    Identify language, terminology, and concepts commonly used in LBGTQ communities.
    Examine the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • LGBTQ Discrimination and the Impact of Crime
    Identify common myths about LBGTQ people and how they are related to violence.
    Explain the differences among intimate partner violence, hate violence, and sexual violence.
    Explain distinct types of discrimination LGBTQ people face.
  • Accessing and Providing Effective Victim Services to LGBTQ People
    Identity barriers for LBGTQ people to access victim services.
    Identify strategies to minimize barriers.
    Increase the ability of you and your agency to effectively serve LGBTQ people.

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